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New Year, New Direction

I took the month of January "off" work to focus on some projects around the house.  I've been completing sewing projects that I began last year, then set aside for holiday projects.  I suppose this task is never ending as I just finished a wall hanging for my daughter, a purse for myself, and a quilt that I hoped to sell but must keep for family due to the imperfect sewing.

It's time to face the music.  My first year in business has been a disappointment in regard to sales. I had some luck selling a few goods at the Greene Street Market Store, but not anywhere else. The positive side to this situation is that my sewing skills have improved immensely in the past twelve months.  Now I must find a way to make products and offer services that resonate with customers.

Though I enjoy making home goods, clothing manufacture intrigues me.  I recently read an article about Mimi Goodwin, a single mom of four kids who made her own clothes, managed a blog, and shared loads of tips and suggestions while working full-time.  Her gig became so popular that she now makes a living from her sewing ventures.  You can view the essence of her empire at:

Her story has inspired me to create and design my own clothing and living business.  I will commit to writing a blog post five days each week to present my creative ideas. Through my ideas, tips, and experiences, I want to inspire women like me to find their voice and assert their strength within their families, communities, and careers.

Are you ready? Let the good times roll, people!

Camille Sommer