First blog post, October 28, 2015

Welcome to Orange Moon Studio.  I'm delighted that you are visiting my online space.  It's rustic (in other words, nearly empty) as I develop my webmaster skills.

Getting a business started has been a challenge, as I expected.  Many pieces have fallen into place with ease.  The difficulty lies in doing something I've never done -- establishing three sales tax accounts, applying for two business licenses, figuring out what an NAICS code is, and which code (among thousands) I should use -- and will never need to do again.  Much time has been spent at the computer or on the telephone as I navigate my way through the maze.  Luckily, people have been helpful, paient, and kind along the way.  I am grateful.  Telling friends, family, and even strangers that I'm a business owner keeps me accountable; now I must follow through and be in business.

Mixed together in the pot of business set up and actual sewing comes the other major time commitment of caring for young-ish children.  There are school events, illnesses (lice, anyone?...yep, dealt with that kicker in June), weekend entertainment, and -- my most demanding role -- a combo of mean cop and not-so-benevolent judge.  Thus, arriving where I am today tas taken longer that desired.  I'm tired of telling people, "I'm still getting started."  I want to be established and engaged in commerce already.  somehow, Yoda's advice to Luke Skywalker to crawl then walk before running comes to mind.  (This advice may appear only in the radio drama of "The Empire Strikes Back.")

"Patience, Young Skywalker!"