Pullover to Cardigan: Epilogue

So...would I convert a pullover to a cardigan again?  Well, maybe.  With this project, I learned that it's a tough conversion.  A woman with a nice, trim figure could add buttons and wear the redesigned sweater snugly to fabulous effect.  Remember, the pullover as it was fit right at the waistline.  So I opted not to make the full conversion with buttons and buttonholes

I plan to wear the new cardigan.  It contrasts well with a new abstract floral dress with a blue background that I bought for spring.  The sleeves could stand some shortening for improved styling.  I wondered if there's something I could do to jazz the front a bit.

My daughter, Diana, has a cute pink cardigan with clear jewel buttons and fine tulle trim.  Aha. That's an idea and would be simple to add. 

Like all projects, I learned a new construction technique. By looking at the clothes we buy from a manufacturer, we see all the flaws that we really don't notice until we pay attention. That's why it's important not to worry about perfection. Just make it, and it will serve you well.  In this photo, you can see how the bottom edges of the front opening shrink up a bit.  Never noticed it until I took a photo.

I plan to make a cardigan from beginning to end sometime this year. I'm a big fan of the television show, "The Closer," and I love the sweater and dress or skirt combos that actress Kyra Sedgwick, as Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, wore in the show. Here's a link to the photo of my favorite combo:  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/186899453259976478/