Pullover to Cardigan: The Final Chapter

In my last post, I talked about completion of the front seams by hand sewing the grossgrain ribbon to the inside of the sweater using an slant hem stitch.  However, the project instructions from Gertie's book require installation of six buttons and buttonholes to hold the ribbon in place. With buttons and buttonholes, a hem stitch isn't necessary.  So why did I rebel and leave them off?

I need the sweater to be a lightweight wrap for slinkier fabric dresses and shirts.  The open style masks the waist distortion caused by my scoliosis.  Remember, at the beginning of the project, I stated that the pullover was too short at my waist.  I will never want to use the cardigan buttoned up anyway.  So putting buttons on the placket is optional.

The final product looks okay.  I had to adjust the top seam of one of the ribbons as it was pulling too tightly at the neckline.  I made this correction by hand.  The sleeves could use shortening but rolling them up works for now.

Here is the sweater paired with a new dress.  Next blog, I will model the sweater and share my thoughts on whether this project is helpful or not.  In other words, will I make it again?  And how could I jazz it up a bit?