Pullover to Cardigan: The Saga Continues

So...I converted a pullover sweater to a cardigan.  In my last post, I attached a strip of grossgrain ribbon to the right side of the sweater fabric and sewed a straight stitch along the edge of the ribbon nearest the sweater edge.  Next, I folded the ribbon toward the inside.  This step took awhile to sink in and make sense.  We seamstresses are accustomed to concealing raw edges. Because the ribbon edge is finished, there's no worry.  


Then I folded the top and bottom portions of the ribbon toward the wrong side of the sweater and secured it with stitching near the neckline.  Cutting the corners of the ribbon helped it fold more neatly.  I used a basting stitch to tack the other side of the ribbon into place.  At this point, things got tricky.  One side sewed in place like a dream.  The other side had puckers.  Resewing wouldn't have made a difference, so the game plan changed.  Hand-sewing a blind hem stitch would solve my problem. I chose a slant hem stitch, but slanted the needle downward/to the right.  It was a time-consuming but relaxing, rewarding experience to sew by hand. The finished hems look good.

Slant hem stitch

Slant hem stitch

Question:  Why did I stray from the pattern instructions and not use buttons and buttonholes to hold the grossgrain riboon in place?  Read the next blog post to find out.